Saturday, 8 December 2012


A tour to a flea-market yielded some plunder. A bunch of tin-soldier oddments.
Some giant cowboys and indians - 65mm! Lovely colours...

Also some wierd Kongelige Livgarder. Extremely heavy 70mm tall and obviously meant to hold a rifle.

 Then some armed sailors, could be Germans from second world war or GDR ? Nice paint job...

Buried in the box I then found a nice little Holger Erikson Karl XII ! Not the right scale but I don't think I will throw him in the pot.

The rest may end their days reincarnated as 40mm PA figures. 2.5 kilo tin for 100Kr is not so bad.
I will look around the web to see if the others are anything special but they will have to be special to be saved from a tour in the pot!

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