Monday, 14 January 2013

Cardboard Crazy

Illustreret Familie-Journal is a Danish institution. It has been published since 1877. I have some old copies from 1918.
 A feature of each issue was the 'klippe ark' a cut-out model or toy. Being a bit hooked on paper models (see my other blogs) I had the idea to use these for battlefield scenery to be in  keeping with the 40mm 'toy' soldiers.paint jobs
This example is a picturesque 'Woodland Chapel'. The  plan is to scan it, re-scale it to 40mm and then print and assemble. Simple !
After scanning and a lot of laying-out in MSPaint. I get down to cut-and-paste...
Finally finished! Skovkapellet complete with a garrison. Roof is removeable.

Strange to think that any children who made the original have grown-up and died long since.
High Street in Schreiberheim.
Next project could be 'The Swamp Castle', 'The Old Town Gateway', 'The Old Watermill' or who knows..?

Friday, 11 January 2013


The struggle continues...
Now decided to have two main types of infantry basing which will allow 3 main types of infantry to be represented.

One figure stands for 25 men in 3 ranks . Two figures depth can be 4 to 6 ranks in all.
Each battalion to have four bases which allow representation of formation.

Deeper formations often including pikes. 4 bases 45mm front 60mm depth with 6 figues on each in two ranks.Typically, Swedish, Russian, French.


Linear formation for heightened firepower, 4 bases of 90mm front 30mm depth 6 figures  in one rank. Typically, British, Dutch, Prussian.

Refinements seem to be too difficult/problematic to differentiate. The basis is to allow firepower advantage for linear tactics and close combat advantages for deeper formations.

With these basings a linear formation will have more figures firing than pike armed units and can fight double the number of enemy battalions on an equal basis. Platoon firing can be awarded some advantage too.

Each base must have an NCO/Officer figure which can be removed when the base suffers a 'Command hit.'

Each formation has a command base of an officer, a battalion flag and a musician.
Regimental command bases should have a colonel on a horse, regimental colour and national colour also. (single battalion regiments have only the regimental command., multiple battalion regiments have the command base 'with' a battalion.)

HORSE: Historical variations are chaotic. This is a compromise for sanity's sake.
A troop on a base 75mm by 60mm deep is 5 figures in one rank. A squadron is two troop bases with a command base of two figures : officer and ensign. Troops need an officer figure to allow for command hits.

GUNS : 45mm by depth as necessary. With one figure plus 1 for every gun represented in the battery.

Sunday, 6 January 2013


Not finished but nearly. Some morale-boosting photos. I have'nt painted anything in a long time so it is slow and my eyes are not what they used to be!

I opted for using standard HUMBROL gloss paints. No mixing, no shading, 'toy soldier style'.

 One battalion of Arborian foot with their gun.
 Essentially standardised Karoliner.
 Drummer not finished and no flag yet.
 I may reorganise a bit to avoid the lack of pikes in the centre because the colour party takes their places.
They will be based on board with magnetised paper to allow secure movement.