Monday, 14 January 2013

Cardboard Crazy

Illustreret Familie-Journal is a Danish institution. It has been published since 1877. I have some old copies from 1918.
 A feature of each issue was the 'klippe ark' a cut-out model or toy. Being a bit hooked on paper models (see my other blogs) I had the idea to use these for battlefield scenery to be in  keeping with the 40mm 'toy' soldiers.paint jobs
This example is a picturesque 'Woodland Chapel'. The  plan is to scan it, re-scale it to 40mm and then print and assemble. Simple !
After scanning and a lot of laying-out in MSPaint. I get down to cut-and-paste...
Finally finished! Skovkapellet complete with a garrison. Roof is removeable.

Strange to think that any children who made the original have grown-up and died long since.
High Street in Schreiberheim.
Next project could be 'The Swamp Castle', 'The Old Town Gateway', 'The Old Watermill' or who knows..?

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