Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Arminius Quint and the string quartet of the Orphean Concert Party have entertained Lieutenant Grabson Spotte (the Master of Keys at Skovkapellet Gaol) and the officers of the guarding regiments in his house. Heavy southern wine and plenty of akvavit coupled with a large bowl of  Mutti's Venerable Gin Punche,  music and wild dancing has laid the Strandians rather low.
The TYGLP are approaching. It is a confused way through the rocky and wild Wolf Woods and so exactly where they turn up is a little uncertain.
Thalassian faction's flag
The Teutanian rescue party enters the chapel by way of a secret entrance in the Hermit's Grotto and with the aid of a dancing girl and a heavy club the guards inside the chapel are overcome. The crew of the Reubenstein Creuzfeldt are freed and, arming themselves, take positions at the restricted entrances to the chapel. Captain Hardie is smarting from his captivity and determined to give a good account of himself if necessary. The sailors have set up the chapel's 6pdr cannon to rake the main entrance which is up the front steps.
The draught horse for the 12pdr kept at Woodsman's Cottage are set free. The cannon can be moved at 1 musket shot per turn by the crew.
The Equestrian Trayning squadrons of the TYGLP will be first to arrive. The will enter together at a point determined by a dice throw.

The two battalions of Thalassians who entered Strandia in the guise of the TYGLP. Will enter, separately, when a die  rolled and accumulated each turn start totals 18  at points.

Strandian troops will be woken by any gunfire. Assembling, disordered in front of the quarters on the following game turn. They will be woken by alarms raised if any Strandian elements see Teuatanians at less than visibility distance.

The morning mist gives a visibility of 1 musket shot. This raises by a die roll halved each turn.

Any unit meeting a divide in the way makes the wrong turn on a 5 or 6 on a d6 before the visibility is 6 musket shots.

This is done on a sketch map on a piece of paper. Each turn an attacking unit is at an entrance it can assault with +3 to a d6.
The defenders have 12 points which must be distributed at the 3 entrances .

On a dice throw the loser loses as many men/points as spots he loses by.

The front steps give -3 to the attackers due to the cannon.
If a Teutanian unit is in contact with the chapel at a turn start then the sailors can come out and join with them. They can be taken up by a squadron of horse but are lost if that squadron enters close combat.

The sailors may exit the chapel as a base of figures if they wish after they have visual contact with a Teutanian unit.  They cannot give fire and melee as a base with muskets.

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