Tuesday, 13 January 2015

On the Road Again

One year to the day and things are moving again. After being obsessed with ancient galleys the focus if back on muskets pikes and pistols.
I have finshed casting ..just about...with the final production of 18 battalions of 15 foot figures and 18 regiments of  6 horse. Along with 4 field guns and 10 regimental guns. Several pewter tankards and various 'tin' ornaments and old figures have sunk into the melting pot.

Painting begins...........

Having toyed around with rules the basic system has devolved on units mounted on a single tray or base  but casualties and fighting powers till related to individual figures.
 Ground scale is somewhere around 1mm to the pace and about 50 men represented by 1 figure.


  1. Great to see you active again, looking forward to seeing some painted figures soon.