Monday, 8 October 2012


Scale circa 25-33:1

Three companies is 6 figures which can fit on a base 2 deep. With frontage 60mm this gives a battalion of 18 figures - 600 men - with a frontage 180mm. At 1mm : 1 metre this gives a reasonable scale.

Two battalions will give a regimental frontag eof 36cm - manageable. To do big battles it could be convenient to double the scale to 1mm:2m and use one battalion to represent a regiment.

For pike-armed troops (usually 1/3) the two central figures on a base of 6 can be pikemen.

Combat range is now 120mm for usual close-combat musketry at 120-100 yards. Longest range will be the length of a battalion front - 180m.

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