Sunday, 7 October 2012


The Grants' rules seem, unfortunately, rather unwieldy for 40mm and a limited table. I had hoped this new edition might address some of the problems of requiring so many figures and so much space. There is an attempt to do so in Annex 1 but no basic change in the rules concept. Organisation remains as fuzzy as it ever was in the old books. Adding pikes is a problem.

Charles Wesencraft's Practical Wargaming and Pike and Musket books actually offers some help. With pike mechanisms and UNIT EFFICIENCY RATING much of the GWR's essential character can be introduced to 'The Wargame'.

Had not read these in detail for years but actually very  thoughtfully devised rules. A step beyond the Grants and even Donald Featherstone, I feel.

I may opt for no casualty removal but some form of UNIT STATUS marking - firepower causing increased loss of order and capability rather than doing this by removing figures.

As ever, hopes to take a set of rules 'off the shelf' are not realised.

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