Thursday, 15 November 2012


In making rules there seem to be two ways, no three, to knock out figures.

Karoliner wounded in battle by Johann Philipp Lembke(16311711 )

BANG! YOU'RE DEAD : die roll dictates removal or not of figure

BANG! YOU'RE DEAD, MAYBE : some form of saving roll can reduce figure removal

BANG! I'll file that under Casualties,Incoming : recording losses without immediate figure removal

Having records hanging over the action is not something that appeals to me.
On the other hand, if the casualty process must deal with full figures things can get bloody..lots of figures...

Historically, units seem to have stood in the face of forests of blazing muskets without being annihilated.

The ragnarok of Poltava inflicted 40% casualties : but I dont want 2 survivors after an exchange of fire.

Dead Karoliner by Johann Philipp Lembke(16311711 )

My solution is to use a variation of BANG! YOU'RE DEAD , MAYBE

Shooting and fighting inflicts HITS.
HITS are assessed within the game turn to see if any figures are removed. Nothing carried over.
( Many years ago we rolled a D20 with WRG rules to avoid records. Score =/less than chart to kill)
Removed figures are an indicator of reduced manpower, organisation and will to fight.
Hits and figures can be directed at individual companies or troops within a unit.

Have to wait and see if I have created a self-inflicted podiatric injury with no saving roll.

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