Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Regimental Guns

Since Gustav Adoplhus' time small guns had been deployed on the battle line with foot regiments.
In Karl XII's army these were 3 or 6 pounders placed in groups of 2 or 3 between battalions about 10 metres in front. As the line advanced the guns were manhandled forward and continued to shoot until this was impracticable, about 50m from the enemy.

 Each gun was managed by a crew of 3 or 4 plus helpers from the ranks of the infantry.

Representing 'regementskanoner' on the table has its problems.
The cop-out is to give battalions with guns a PLUS in combat/shooting.
In 40mm we want to see all the colour possible on the table and regementskanoner are part of that.

The PA 6pdr is small enough to be mounted on a 45mm front which equates with an infantry company.
 3 or 4 crew members can be put on this base.

Effect-wise the regementskanoner flung a great weight of fire compared to their size. The best aiming point was the centre of the enemy formation - presumably hitting as many officers and flagmen as possible and disrupting the enemy formation.

The Swedish guns of Karl XII used packaged ammunition 'hasty ammunition' which allowed 10 shots a minute! Each shot could fling 32 or 64 bullets at the enemy up to 200 metres away. Compared to infantry fire this was effective. A COMPANY with 100 muskets could throw 400 bullets at the enemy each minute, A BATTALION 1600. 2 regementskanoner could send  1000 bullets twice as far in the same time ! The value of these guns - adequately served - is plain to see, a significant supplement to the unit's firepower.

Disadvantages were that the cannon bullets would probably not spread so much but being within the 'wire artillery cone of death' can not have been pleasant.

It seems reasonable to credit the regementskanon detachment with the same firepower as a company of infantry.

The kanon could not enter close combat and so we could move the gun to a location at the centre of the battalion rear when contact is made. If the battalion loses and retires then the gun is lost. If it wins and proceeds then the gun can remain at the centre rear and require a reorganisation to redeploy it.

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