Sunday, 18 November 2012


A card selection gave two '12 point' armies.
Pommern, with 6 foot battalions and 6 squadrons of horse.
Maurice von Coxe Ethelburga overall commander with Justinian von Mecklenburg(excessively cautious) and Caspar Hohenstauffen. None of them have any military speciality.

Strandstaten, with 8 foot battalions and 4 squadrons. Commander Ivan Stakoplovsky(irresponsibly aggressive in command) with Ekebhard Kollwitz (artillery trained and a 'gifted professional commander') and Petrus de Blenheim.

Checking for special tactics it turns out Strandstaten's cavalry are SHOCK trained and this gave Pommern 2 extra squadrons of horse as compensation.

The battlefield included a village in Pommern's side of the table and a wood in the mid-left.

Pommern put most of  their cavalry on their left to try a sweep with their mobile advantage.

Strandstaten put a strong force of foot in the centre to try and take th evillage from what should be a weaker Pommern defence. Their cavalry waiting behind the wood to move left or right as things developed.

 The first turn saw the Pommern cavalry go for the Strandstaten right wing. They took some hits but smashed the outermost battalion then flanked the second and it was wiped out too along with Petrus von Blenheim.

In the meantime the Strandstaten cavalry marched off round the left of the wood to take on the weaker Pommern right. The centre reacted by lining up two battalions to face off the Pommern horse.


The dashing Strandstaten shock-trained cavalry should have rode to glory but things did not go that way.
 Ekebard Kollwitz ( a 3 rated gifted professional commander) led his squadrons into their Pommern opponents with elan. Then he threw the minimum score for their Stress Test and they beat an ignominious retreat.

This led to a final position with a Mexican stand-off. The Strandstaten centre was too strong to be crushed by the Pommern forces but too exposed by being pincered from both sides that they could not successfully attack. ENd of Game.

Size of bases work well. Battalion guns ok. Shooting could be a bit more bloody. Commanders could be more tightly limited on what they do according to character.

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