Monday, 12 November 2012


Received Irregular Miniatures figs today. Very quick - 5 days!

Hoped the LA gun and crew will fit with PA to provide field guns. The PA gun is neat but only large neough to be a battalion gun really.

I am not disappointed ! The Irregular gun is larger while still fitting well with PA figures.
The Irregular figures are scaled to be '42mm'. They are fully round but height and proportions not too bad to fit with PA. The hats are not tricorns but as gunners were civilians perhaps can be allowed. Also, some head swaps may be the solution.
So, Prince August can be supplemented with Irregular if needed. They have League of Augsberg, Marlburian and Renaissance figures to provide Turks, Poles, Hussars, engineers etc,  SEE HERE.


  1. Irregular do Marlburian and SYW gunners in this scale if you wanted tricorns...

    1. THANKS. I.M. SENT ME THESE with the guns. i will otherwise use the prince August figs.